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Queerstory app – stadsvandra i Torontos queera historia

Om du skulle befinna dig i Toronto vid något tillfälle kan du testa den digitala stadsvandrings-appen som skapats över stadens queera historia och rum:




Explore the sites and sounds of Toronto’s vibrant and storied queer history with Queerstory, a free locative app. This walking tour app will lead you to more than 30 points of interest where significant events occurred. Navigate through intriguing sites and uncover the political, cultural and social history of Toronto’s queer community. Experience unique mini-docs with rare archival footage, hidden stories and site interviews with a colourful cast of characters. Meander through two queer sites where performance artist Keith Cole and new media artist Caitlin Fisher lead you on their mediated interpretations of queer history. Discover site related excerpts of documentaries from queer Canadian filmmakers David Adkin, Lynne Fernie, Harry Sutherland and others embedded along points in the tour.


produced by
Year Zero One YZO


In partnership with The Idea Shoppe
in collaboration with Lost Time Media & Lost World Sounds


This project was made possible with the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, the Downtown Yonge BIA, Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives and hundreds of volunteer hours from the community.


Why Queerstory?

Toronto has emerged as a world leader in progressive LGBTQ policies and actions.  In 1973 it was the first city in Canada to pass an anti-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation; in 2003 it was the first city in North America to perform same sex marriage; it hosts one of the largest and longest running Pride celebrations in the world and is the first city in North America to host World Pride. Although Toronto is a city of firsts and an International LGBTQ hub, it has very few visual plaques to celebrate our struggles and triumphs. The Queerstory app fills this gap with a series of digital markers documenting our history.


How Does It Work?

Queerstory is available for free download as a mobile web app, or from the Apple App Store and Google Play. For out of town visitors with limited data roaming plans One Zone offers one day rates.


We’ve kept the interface simple. There are two ways to experience the walking tour:
• View the map screen on your GPS enabled smartphone and navigate though over 30 points of interest in Toronto’s walkable downtown neighbourhoods.
• View the list screen and find the story closest to your location at the top.


For those without smartphone or tablet, the videos are available on queerstory.ca and can be sorted by subject themes; culture, activism and community.